WTF Anthropologie?

Now, I love Anthropologie as much as the next girl suffering from delusions of what she can / cannot afford. But ever since I subscribed to their eNewsletter, I’ve come to realize that their copy writer must be the craziest devotchka in town.

For starters, note how the “travel trinkets” from South Africa and Swaziland crept into the hearts and minds of the Anthro staff.

Travel trinkets? This, to me, reads like they’re pigeonholing two entire countries into an “Ooga Booga” parade. Those Swazi are just so cute with their trinkets and all.

Secondly, she takes on a Bridget Jones writing tone with this gem:

A design-y element! “Attention to detail” my left foot.

And finally, Miss Anthro falls just shy of Wordsworth-caliber with this little ditty about worm breath:

Mayhaps I’m just jealous because, as it happens, I have the same job as this virtually veiled mistress of literary missteps, but without the “bird’s tongue” wardrobe perks. Iunno.


About a Meal

“Whole fish,” read the menu, “with mango salsa and broccoli.”

“Well that sounds superb,” I thought. “But whole fish…whole fish…they can’t mean bones and all,” I reasoned with my appetite, “because that would just ruin it.”

Here’s a classic example of Pish de Luxe not asking a question she doesn’t want the answer to.

The point is, if you’re afraid something is true, odds are good that it is. I find.

Goddamn… they even fried the tail. Pobrecito.